Saturday Night

A week or so ago, T received a challenge:

Find three stories on Literotica that make you wet and that contain an element (or more) of something you’d like to happen when we’re together. It’s a challenge for you, because you have to find three stories that actually get you going, and then be willing to share them, which involves both sharing your fantasies and passing along something that’s probably embarrassingly poorly written. And it’s a challenge for me, to figure out what it them you liked, without ever asking.

Last night, L (about whom more later – for now, just think of her as my girlfriend) found herself with some unexpected time on her hands, her family being out of town.  She characteristically invited herself over.  Now she and T know and like one another, and L’s hot for T (because honestly, who isn’t?), and, in her more restrained way, T is hot for L (because honestly, who isn’t?).  But their attraction is a (mostly) unconsummated one.  They kissed once, at my direction, on the street after we’d had a bit to drink, but T was feeling sick that night, and the kiss, though not entirely chaste, was hardly the passionate sort one might imagine.  And once, when I was out of town, they had impromptu drinks, and from the ladies’ room, sent me a photo of the two of them, lips locked.
My initial thought was that we should get a hotel room and have an unbridled threesome.  I actually thought this was what T wanted.  In fact, though, when I suggested it to T, she revealed her (characteristically) more restrained fantasy:  she wanted L to come to our house and for the three of us to work on D’s challenge.  So I invited L over – told her to bring her laptop, and any printed erotica she particularly liked.
At 10, L arrived.  The three of us engaged in small talk, T smoked two cigarettes, I got a little high, L professed pre-inebriation from some solitary salutary sake.  And then, we repaired to our living room, laptops on our laps, books spread out on the coffee table, and T explained the challenge to L.  We all began our search for compelling erotica – reading the dreck on Literotica, perusing blogs (such as Jefferson‘s family of blogs, a lovely spanking blog, Always Aroused Girl, and more), and reading from all of Violet Blue‘s recent collections.  As we were reading, I was idly stroking my cock.  (I was seated on a couch next to my wife, with L facing us in a comfy chair.  I had a great view of both beautiful women.)  I typed on my computer, “I’d like to send L to our guest room and ask her to play with herself while she waits for one of us.  Is that o.k. with you?” and motioned to T to take a look at my screen.  (T and I previously had agreed that tonight wouldn’t be the night of our first full-on threesome, simply because of the presence of our son in the house.  Somehow it felt important to me that one of us be on hand to intercept him should he unexpectedly, uncharacteristically, come forth from his room in the middle of the night.)
So T looked over, and shrugged – a slightly positive shrug that I read as, “Yeah, I guess that’s a good idea.”  I turned to L and said, “L, would you go to the guest room with the book you’re reading, and start playing with yourself.  One of us will be along shortly.”
L stood up and left the room.  As she crossed the threshold of the room, she turned and said with some bemusement, “I just let you boss me around, N.”  I smiled, and said, “Well, I said ‘please.'”  In unison, both ladies said, “No you didn’t.”
Some (few) minutes later, I told T I was on my way to L.  “Don’t take too long,” she said.  I wasn’t sure if she meant, “I want to see you soon,” or “I want to see her soon.”  But I figured compliance was easy.  So I went to L – found her splayed across the bed, her jeans unzipped, her hand idly resting just inside her panties, but not deeply so.  I kissed her and pressed myself against her, pulling her head toward me with one arm and grinding against her crotch with mine.  “I’m not going to stay long,” I said.  “T’s eager to see you.  So for now, I think I’d like you to suck my cock.”
L hadn’t yet refused a request of mine, which I take as simultaneous proof of her utter pliability and devotion to my pleasure (and her confidence that said devotion will be richly rewarded) and of my pitiable domination.  In any event, she wasn’t about to start refusing me last night.  So down she went, taking my cock in her lips, pressing her tongue against its underside, and teasing up and down, all while stroking my balls and squeezing the shaft with her hands.
L wasn’t the only tease, though.  A few minutes after she started, I excused myself and went to fetch T.  T wasn’t nearly as… efficient… as I was.  She must have been with L for 45 minutes before she emerged, looking disheveled, but sexy.  Her hair was mussed, her shirt untucked, and she seemed a little wobbly on her feet.  “Go ahead,” she said.  “But I want you to fuck me after L goes home.”
Down I went for round two with L.  Again, I had her suck me expertly.  I licked her, felt her thighs against my ears, her hands on my head, as she bucked and shuddered to an orgasm.  She sucked me again.  I fucked her, first missionary style; then, bent over and facing a mirror, our faces staring at each other’s reflection while I slammed deep into her from behind.  Abruptly, I announced my readiness for her to go home.
She looked at me as if I were from Mars, and we headed back to the living room, where we found T, studiously reviewing erotica.  L said, somewhat petulantly, “Well, he’s saving it all for YOU!” to T, who smiled shyly.  We all said goodnight, and T and I headed upstairs.  I told her my plan – she would suck my cock, I would lick her clit, she would suck my cock, and then we would fuck with her on top.  I would, I said, cum momentarily after we started fucking.
A brief aside about me:  I have a unique – or at least, highly unusual, I gather – relationship to my own orgasm.  In virtually all circumstances, I choose the moment at which I cum.  My stamina is nearly infinite, and my self-control, nearly perfect.  So when I said that I would cum momentarily after we started fucking, that was an announcement not just a of a prediction, but of a plan.  And all of what I wrote in the previous paragraph is what, in fact, happened, over the next stretch of time.  T gushed all over my face, her salty sweet discharge drenching our bed, as it has so many times.  After cumming in T, I smacked her cunt repeatedly, causing her to do some more expelling, this time of my fluid, not hers.  We gradually subsided and I got some towels for the bed.
Another fine evening….

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