Words are my currency

Those, and my cock, my hands, my tongue, and my imagination. And my demands.

Oh, yes, my demands. You will find (you already know) that when you comply, when you give me what I ask, I will ask for more.

It is with all this that I will reward you.

And yes, I want your words, sure. But what I really want, what you will give me, will reward my more prurient, more immature, more… male… appetites. I want your compliance.

Tell me about your arousal – describe it, the sensations, the feelings. What gets you off? How? I want a privileged, inside, view into what it feels like for you to be turned on. Can you give that to me?

You will give me your words, but they won’t just be written, they’ll be spoken. I want to hear you, to hear you describe what you want, what you want me to do to you, what you want to do to me, what you want me to make you do.

Did one of my posts turn you on? Read it to me. Did you write something that got you wet? Send it to me.

No, don’t just send it to me, read it to me. Or send me a video of you reading it to me.

I want to hear you describe how you touch yourself, how you give yourself pleasure. I want to hear that pleasure. Is it quiet? OK. Loud? OK. I don’t care. Don’t perform for me. For God’s sake, no. Just give to me the authentic sound of your arousal, your excitement, your orgasm, as you are thinking of me, as you imagine my giving you what you want, taking from you what I want.

But don’t stop here: you know I’m insatiable. What I really want isn’t just that. Give me what I ask. I want not just sounds. I want images. Yes, I know, all of us men want pictures. But I don’t want you to send me smut. Don’t send me those routine, graphic images of body parts that fill the internet. Don’t send me what you’ve sent others.

Send me photographic evidence of your compliance. Do as I say, and document it for me. Stay clothed, please, unless I specifically ask otherwise.

Spread your legs for me, cross your legs for me. Bend over for me so I can see your ass, so I can see your cleavage. Cup your breasts for me. Pinch a nipple for me. Wrap your lips around a finger, or a bottle, for me. Allow me to choose your clothes – send me choices for each item of clothing and then show me as you dress yourself as I’ve directed you, as I’ve chosen. Show me where the curves of your body meet the fabric of your clothes.

Send me evidence of your desire – your desire in general, your desire for me. Show me what turns you on. Tell me what turns you on. When you get aroused during the day, share it with me. Did you see something? Show me. If you can’t show me, tell me.

And don’t stop here. With each request, respond. Give me what I ask. Please.

You know I will reward you. With more words, and with more demands.

Until we are together….


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