My wish list

Some dommes maintain wish lists, often on Amazon, of things they want their “slaves” to buy them. There’s a thing, apparently, called “financial domination,” whereby women humiliate men and extort money and objects from them.

Not. My. Thing.

But… if you’re looking for ways to make me happy, there are things you can do that don’t involve sending me money, or buying me presents, there are things you can do. You see, I don’t get off so much on humiliation, but I do get off on being thought of. If you’re thinking of me, here are some things you can tell me that:

Of course, you can always come for me.

Or, you can send me pictures. Like this. Or like this. Or, you can just send me good old PG pictures of you leading your life. My only request: don’t send me pictures you’ve sent other people. If you send me a picture, let it be for me and for me alone.

You can read to me. A post I’ve written. Something you’ve written. Something you think I’ll enjoy. Particularly, especially, if as you read, you are playing with your pussy. If you’re not coming, but if you’re just feeling good.

You can shop for me. You can find things you think I’ll like. You don’t need to buy them, no. Just tell me what they are. Books. Music. Magazines. Clothes. Make recommendations of things you think I’ll enjoy.

Recommend bars, restaurants. They could be local to me. They could be local to you. They could be local to neither of us.

Recommend sex toys. Toys you like. Toys you think I might like. Recommend porn. What gets you off. What you think might get me off. Pictures. Videos. Audio. Anything.

Send me stuff. Tell me things. Contact me offline. I fucking live for offline communications. They need not be tawdry – they can be shit-shooting, nothing more than that.

I look forward to hearing.

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