L – an introduction

Some facts about L:

She’s smart.  As much as I enjoy fucking her (and fucking with her), I enjoy talking about fucking with her.  She makes me think.

She’s funny.  A said to me yesterday that she can’t fuck a guy she doesn’t find funny.  For me, there’s a slight modification.  I can’t fuck a woman twice I don’t find funny.  (Ok – maybe the threshold is three or four times.  But it’s fewer than five, for sure.)

She’s tiny. I love this about her. Her personality is strong, and her body is, too, proportionately, at least. But I love that I can push her around, can move her, bend her, at will. I’m not a tall guy, so when I can throw a woman around a little, that’s a lot of fun.

She submits to me. When I ask her to do something, she does it. As she observed the other night, “I just let you boss me around.” I love that not only does she let me boss her around, she gets off on serving as my “fuck toy” (her expression). I should say, I’m an easy master, by any measure. My bossiness is pretty restrained.  But her compliance is exquisite, nonetheless.

She’s adventurous.  This relates to her submission.  She’s beyond “GGG.”  So far, there hasn’t been an adventure that I’ve proposed that she’s rejected.  This has included going to sex clubs and swingers’ parties, masturbating in public, dressing as directed.  Again – by many people’s standards, this is somewhat restrained adventurousness, but it’s not for me, or for her.

She’s a fuckload of fun in bed.  The first time she squatted over my cock and lifted her body up and plunged down on it, I called her “Yoga Porn Star.”  Maybe it’s a testament to my lack of experience, or to something about the partners I’ve chosen, or the direction I’ve given, but L is the second woman who ever did this with me.  The first?  I lost her when she went to jail.  True story.  L loves sucking my cock, and tolerates my love for licking her clit.  And truth be told, I’m always a bigger fan of the oral than of the fucking.

I seduced her.  Or maybe she seduced me.  In any event – seduction has actually been a very small part of my adult sex life, but it’s in many ways the single thing I most crave outside of my marriage.  I always used to say that the thing I missed most about being married was dating, but the truth is, it was seduction.  I’m so grateful that T and I have reconfigured things to permit us both to enjoy the rapturous pleasures of seduction, and I’m so grateful that L has been such an ornate success.

There’s more, but this is a start….

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