Oct 172015

Her name is Ella. She is a distant buddy. Not too distant – close enough that it seems reasonable to imagine that her mouth might well be on my cock before the year is out. But she’s not here. What is here, though, is this bit of hotness: listen to her edging for me, taking herself, […]

Oct 022015
We're in a coffee shop

You sit next to me. Well, not next to me, exactly. We sit at adjacent tables. I’m on my laptop. You’re on your phone. The coffee shop is full. I text you, from my laptop. (I do this all the time, incidentally. I send texts from either my Verizon desktop app – which sucks – […]

Sep 212015
Meet Lupa

I met her on Tinder. Or rather, we haven’t met. Yet. But she’s eager, and sexy, and she gave me this – an incredibly hot, whimpering, long orgasm. I thought I’d share it with you. And she assented. But I couldn’t. The file was too big for me to figure out how to get it […]

Aug 202015

Here’s a recent exchange I had with someone who prefers to remain nameless: Her: Today I’ve found myself thinking about things that could happen [when we meet]… Me: Good girl. Tell me. Her: Where we’ll meet (hopefully I won’t know anyone). What you’ll ask me to do when we’re out (go to the bathroom and […]

Jun 252015

Isabel is shy. Whenever we meet, she’s anxious. Anxious she’ll be seen by someone she knows. Anxious someone will overhear as I tell her that I can’t wait to feel her mouth on my cock. Anxious, to be honest, that someone will know what we’re up to. On this particular evening, an unseasonably chilly evening, […]

Dec 302014

There are two of them – Blondie and Emily. They’re very different in almost every way. The exceptions are these: 1) They both live too far away from me. (I met both of them through Tinder on the same trip out of town last spring.)2) They both have pretty much insisted on Snapchat as the […]