Masturbation in a coffee shop

Recently, I sat in a coffee shop as a woman whom you haven’t yet met masturbated for me not ten feet away. Her name is Jade. And this is what she looks like:


Actually, that’s not what she looks like. It’s her. Her skin is dark. She is curvy, thick. She’s not at all my type, at least insofar as my type is petite. She had told me about this, and she had sent copious photos, so I had a sense of her body before we met. Her mouth will fit, or would fit, very nicely around my cock. I’ll get to why I’m not certain that it will fit in a moment. But first…

She was wearing a black-and-white patterned dress that I had chosen for her. And black panties, with white trim, that I had chosen for her. The day was hot. I was schvitzing. And the coffee shop wasn’t especially air conditioned. It wasn’t the shop I thought I had chosen – somehow, I had forgotten the name of the place I wanted to pick, one that was larger, more spacious, and… more air conditioned. I watched from the street as she entered the shop, and I messaged her – I asked her to get a drink, and take a seat. I positioned myself near her, but out of her eyesight. She looked out the window, occasionally stealing glances around. I sat and stared at her reflection in the door of the “Washroom,” as it was somewhat pretentiously labeled. For it was more of a locker room and supply closet with a toilet and sink.

Anyway, as I sat there, schvitzing – and self-conscious about the amount I was schvitzing – I gave her some directions. I had her identify the hottest people in the place for me. We agreed about the guy she chose. I disagreed with her choice of woman. She picked a heavier brunette; I was taken with a tiny blonde. I had her squeeze her thighs together, had her describe for me the sensations in her pussy. And finally, I told her that I wanted her to come for me, in the bathroom – not ten feet from me. And to leave her panties in there for me. And to send me a picture indicating where she had left them.

Being a good girl, Jade did precisely as instructed. Her orgasm was not quick in coming, but, fortunately, notwithstanding the midday rush, there was only one patron who tried the door while she was in there, and the patron didn’t wait. She walked out, eyes on the floor, and moments later, texted me this picture:

Jade's panties

I stood up, asked the blonde across from me, who had just replaced the guy who Jade and I had agreed was the hottest guy in the place, to watch my computer, and retrieved Jade’s panties from the locker. They smelled delicious. I pocketed them, and promised to return them to her when she has sucked my cock.

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