Bursting at the seams

Enter Lida.

She’s young, hungry. After a brief flirtation with brattiness, she seems to have discovered a, um, full-throated desire to please me, to give me what I want. Precisely what I want. Precisely when I want. This is a welcome development in my life at this moment, when, as I’ve written, there’s much that’s not quite as I might have it.

The other day, she asked me if she could come for me. She had told me that she had been, um, enjoying, my “Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms” page. I got the sense she might like to have an orgasm or two of her own up there. We had a smoking hot exchange. I told her she could come for me, after I’d heard her ask me in her voice. She sent me her voice, quivering with need.

“Your voice is really, really sexy,” I wrote. “Yes, you may come. In a moment. AFTER you show me your ass, and your thighs, and your cunt, in your jeans. I think that’ll take at least two pictures. And if your hand is in your pussy, under your jeans, then, I’d like you to come twice. But first, please press send on the photos.”

Almost instantly, three photos arrived. One, of her, topless, in jeans, in front of a mirror. Her breasts are big, round. Her skin is caramel, smooth. The second, she’s topless, and a hand is down her jeans. In the third, she’s turned to the side, straining to show me her ass, but not quite succeeding.

“Mmmmm. Good girl. Pretty girl,” I responded. “If you can show me a better picture of your pretty ass – jeans down, bending over – panties on (if you’re wearing them) – then I want you to come three times for me. But I want to hear them all.”

Moments later, I got what I’d asked for, but not quite. Her ass is luscious, round, full. NOT small. But it was a side view, and she wasn’t, truthfully, so much as “bent over” as “leaning, a little.”

“Mmm. But that’s still a side view. Turn around. Bend over. Shoot the mirror through your legs. Please. Then, come four times for me.”

Desperate, she sent two pictures, blurry, of her desperately bent over, her ass to me, her fingers touching her pussy through her panties. Her ass looked spectacular. “Fuck you let me come,” she wrote.

“Apologize. Then come five times for me.” I added, “You have a magnificent ass.” And said, “If you apologize in your voice, while you touch your pussy, you may come six times for me.”

Some minutes passed. I wrote, “How you doing over there?”

She replied, “Ok I’m sorry. I will apologize on the recording. Do I have permission to come for you now?”

“Please send the recording apologizing first, if you want to come five times. If you want to come four times, please feel free to start. As soon as possible when you’re done, I want to see your pretty face.” A moment later, I wrote, “Sorry… six and five…. I lost count.” And I had. I was all excited by imagining what was happening by her….

Some time passed. And then, an e-mail, with an attachment. “You just get one.”

“I’ll delete it without listening. I want five please.”

“Your choice. I promise it’s good. Goodnight.” She accompanied that e-mail with a picture of her face, pretty, sated. Full lips, big brown eyes, tired.

I haven’t listened to that one. I won’t. But you may, if you wish. It’s right here. Is it good? (I don’t know, and I don’t care.)

There’s more. It will follow. She hasn’t yet sucked my cock, but I did get, she did get, you will get, my orgasms….

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