Safe dates (1)

Sex makes dates hot. Sex is not, however, what makes dates hot. I’ve been thinking about ways we could spend an evening together that would make your pussy wet, that would give you fodder for masturbation for weeks to come, without actually involving my cock in your mouth or in your cunt.

You arrive in a bar, dressed precisely as I have requested. You sit, you order a drink. You wonder whether I’m in the bar, you can’t see me. Your phone buzzes with a text. “Cross your legs for me.” You do as I say.

“Good girl.”

“Now squeeze your thighs together, make your clit feel the pressure.” You do as I say.

“Good girl.”

Your phone buzzes again. “Now, please uncross your legs for me.”

I give you more instructions, you execute them. Some of them are simple. Some of them are somewhat more complicated to accomplish in this public space. All of them make your pussy tingle.

At a certain point, I ask you to go to the bathroom. “I want to watch you walk, and I want you to come for me, in the bathroom. I want you to return with your panties in your hand. And when you do, you will find that your check has been paid. Please leave your panties at your seat, take yourself home, and get yourself off for me one more time.”

You exit the bar. Your phone buzzes one last time.

“Thank you.”

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