Meet Kady

Kady is a friend of Athena‘s. She’s 10,000 miles away from me. She’s in her early 30s. Hot. Pale. Brunette. With a sort of innocent look. I’ve gotten to know her a little in recent days, and she’s a bundle of (sexual) contradictions. Not an unusual, or unfamiliar, bundle, but a bundle.

Raised religious, K has all the shame and conflict around sex and sexuality that I find most compelling: she wants to be more sexually open, but she has a lot of internal baggage holding her back. She’s on a bit of a journey, one not entirely unlike the journey I took all those years ago, from a shameful, dissociated relationship to sex (she often gets drunk and hooks up with strangers she meets in bars) to one where, she hopes, she’ll be able to own her desire to get laid and hook up with guys when she’s a little less… out of it.

In the meantime, she and I are flirting with playing at a distance.

K knows she wants me to control her pussy for just a bit, but she also knows that this will be HARD for her. In our very first attempt, she basically came about ten minutes in, without my permission.

Of course – at 10,000 miles, there’s really not much I can do in the way of “punishment” without her full-blown cooperation. Which, thus far, hasn’t been available.

This morning, though (this evening, her time), she offered me one hour. And, told me “I definitely need you to control my pussy for an hour tonight. Or, I’ll have to take care of myself.”

I know her well enough to know that she’s not ready for some full-on denial. She will just overrule my wishes. Similarly, while I think she would like to be brought to a place where she had to beg me to come, a) she would get there WAY too quick (as she showed me in our previous abortive attempt), and b) she would overrule any denial I might offer (as she showed me in our previous abortive attempt).

So I’m pondering what I’ll do, how I’ll deploy that pretty pussy. Some ideas?

  1. Just have her come over and over and over for me. As many times as she can, in those sixty minutes.
  2. Tell her at the start that she will be permitted to come at minute 55, but that for minutes 1-50, her job is to touch her pussy, around her pussy, in her pussy, gently, slowly, and NOT come. And, for minutes 51-54, to show me as she touches her pussy over her panties – still not coming. And then, to come for me beginning at minute 55. Once, if that’s what she has in her. More times, if more. And, to record those orgasms. At least for me to hear. And, if it would turn her on, for me to post here.
  3. Sext back and forth with her for an hour, trying to ramp her up while denying her. This may or may not be possible with my schedule.
  4. Tell her she may earn one or more orgasms, and give her a little “scavenger hunt” of tasks to perform for me to earn (each/an) orgasm.

Of course, I have more ideas.


I want to know her reactions to these, first. 😉

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