A festival of Milica’s breasts

I want to see a LOT of Milica‘s breasts.

I mean – she only has two – but they’re spectacular.

What I want? Both videos and photos of the following:

  1. Her breasts in, partly in, and out of, three very different, very fancy outfits. I want to be teased visually with downblouse shots, partial reveals, and yes, finally, in each case, toplessness. And, I want her to be teased – her breasts caressed, her nipples pinched. Each outfit should not feature a bra. There should be lots of photos, and a brief (no more than a minute) video of each stage (downblouse, partial reveal, and topless).
  2. Similar to #1, but now, in three very different casual tops. Again, no bras. Could be button-downs. T-shirts. Tanks. I don’t care. Just let them be different.
  3. Her fanciest bras. A close-up photo of her breasts in each of her three fanciest, most expensive bras. A 3/4 shot of her body, in each of those bras. And a brief video of her removing each bra.
  4. Finally…. After all has been sent (and not before all has been sent), I’d like Milica to come for me, topless. As she speaks to me, as she recounts something she especially liked about our recent time together.

Holy SHIT was that hot. I’m not sharing the videos, because her face sneaks into them occasionally. But. With her permission, here is a magnificent slide show of all that Milica produced. I apologize that they’re not perfectly in order.

Spectacular, isn’t she/aren’t they?

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