Not boring

Seeking is a cesspool. It’s so hard to find humans there. I know I’m unusual, not offering what the bulk of folks there seek. But. I’ve had some big wins there. Milica, most recently. Sarah. Adrienne. Polina. And, of course, for years now, Charlotte.

Some women really do learn that they want what I do have to offer.

I’ve been corresponding with… Well, a very intriguing woman. She’s 31, so a bit younger than my ideal. But. Holy shit does she hit on all the other cylinders.

1. She’s submissive. Exploring. Learning. That’s fucking catnip to me.

2. She’s got long, lustrous black (Latina) hair. Wavy. Rich. Delicious.

3. She’s got a CRAZY captivating smile.

4. Big, hungry, sweet, warm, funny brown eyes.

5. The cutest smile I’ve seen in years

6. That body!!! Slender, but seriously curvy.

I’m not offering what she’s seeking. And the web site is called “Seeking.”

But. I think she knows that a drink or meal with me would be fun, interesting, and hot. And I know I know that she and I have a bright future ahead of us.

If she chooses to take my bait.

(Read my testimonials, woman!)

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