Meet Rye

You did, in this post, briefly. I haven’t met her in person yet, but I will.

She’s young. Not too young – she’s a grown-up. But she’s in her late 20s. She’s blonde. She’s sexy as hell. She was one of the last two or three people I met through Tinder, before it disappeared. I spent an hour or so the other day making her pussy wet with my keyboard, and she made my cock hard with hers.

I expect you’ll hear more about her as time goes on, but here, you can hear what her orgasm sounds like. She usually uses her finger, but, because she was nervous, she used a vibrator to produce this. And, it took her longer than usual, she says.

I’m glad it took her longer than usual. It gives me/us more time to listen to the crescendo of her breathing. The actual orgasm itself is almost an anti-climax – it’s just… the end of the breathing. But the whole thing is, to me, really fucking hot. I hope you enjoy it.

There will be more of Rye. I promise.

Listen here.

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