Round 2

Some time prior to our meeting, lay out two complete outfits for me to choose between:

  1. Dress for a formal evening out. Every item you wear should be hot. You’re going to the fanciest event you’ve ever attended. You want to impress. To turn heads. Think of what I would want you to wear if you were my date, to the opera, to an inauguration, to a glamorous ball.
  2. Dress for a work interview. You want to look professional, but hot. You’re interviewing with a senior executive with a reputation for having affairs with his employees, and you want the job – and him.

Bring a portfolio: something no one has seen, but that communicates everything you’ve learned to date about your potential employer, about what turns him on, what makes him hard. The portfolio should be multimedia. It should include words, sounds, photos, video. You’ve excelled at all of this thus far. You can’t fail. And still: you should strive.

We will talk for thirty minutes.

I will put you to good use.

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