Shortly after she came for me, I asked Milica to ask me three questions. Any three questions, I said. I didn’t really have anything in mind.

Would she ask me questions about my life? Questions about my family? About my work? Would she ask me questions about sex I’ve had? About movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read?

These were her questions:

  1. Other than the cunt, what is my favorite place on a woman’s body to kiss?
  2. Why?
  3. What exactly did you get glimpses of this morning?

When I paid Milica for our stretching session using Cash App, I put the word “glimpses” in the memo.

The answer to the first and second question is, gosh, it depends. There’s no single answer to such a question. Some women, it’s their eyes. Others, it might be their ears or their necks. It all depends on how a woman responds when I kiss her. I mean, of course, there’s no place better than the mouth to kiss early on.

And I do love kissing on the mouth.

I love kissing on the mouth.

The third question?

Milica had worn light blue pajamas, consisting of loose shorts and a long-sleeved top. The shorts were sufficiently loose and short that as she stood and bent, I could see the crease of her ass at the top of her thighs. I could discern the curves of her butt-cheeks. From certain angles and in certain positions, I could also see that she was wearing white panties.

When she faced me, her nipples poked through the shirt she was wearing, and the dark ring of her areolas was just barely discernible.

This is what I had caught glimpses of.

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