Brooklyn comes again

After a couple of sessions stretching together, Brooklyn began to send me photos. I gave her assignments, as I’m wont to do. She pretty much nailed them.

I asked her if she’d be willing to take a stab at two photoshoots. This was what I asked of her:

Whenever I give a woman an assignment, my choices are informed by that particular woman. And, by my fairly constant preferences and tastes.

In Brooklyn’s case, I knew I wanted a lot of her ass, which is tremendous – and of her face, which is just delightfully, innocently, pretty. I will share a slightly redacted version of what she sent, below. And, bonus, here’s the super-sexy orgasm that followed not too long after the second set:

I trust you’ll agree: I’m a lucky guy to have Brooklyn hard at work for me. Her work for me makes me hard, at least!

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