Many, many orgasms

We’ve never met.

She hasn’t picked a name yet. I won’t name her unless/until I’ve filled her mouth with my cock.

Tinder is what we have in common.

But in no time, she was filling my inbox with the sounds of her pleasure.

Perhaps one day we’ll meet.

Until then, I have to content myself with her sounds.

(Truth is, I get her images too – I can see how sexy she is, how curvy, how deep brown are her eyes. I can’t. Fucking. Wait.)


I know I did. Do. Hope to more.

Orgasm 1
Orgasm 2
Orgasm 3
Orgasm 4

There have been others, more, in such a short period of time, but I can’t share them with you, because her voice features too prominently in them. I’m sorry.

These all were in the course of about 36 hours.

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