Two minutes

Please stand before a mirror, if you have a full-length mirror available. Or, if you don’t have a full-length mirror in which this is possible, a mirror in which you can see your face. And if that’s not possible, just stand before an empty chair. But please stand. And please imagine me, watching you.

Then, please commence touching your pussy for me. Bring yourself to the edge of climax, locking your eyes on your eyes in the mirror, if possible, or where my eyes would be were I sitting in the chair, stroking my cock, watching you.

Don’t come.

Feel free to stop for up to five seconds as you go. If you need to move away from your clit, to touch your labia, to finger yourself gently, that’s fine, too. I just would like fairly constant stimulation, please.

You may, if you like, record a video of this; I suspect, though, that audio will be more comfortable, and that’s just fine.

When you’re done, please send me one or more photos of the setting in which this just took place, so that I can imagine myself there as I listen to the recording that you will send, as well.

And, tell me when I may next have 10 minutes of your time.

So, to be clear, the “work product” I’m looking for is one e-mail, containing:

1) Several photos of your setting;
2) A recording (video or audio) of your two minutes of self-denial, in a mirror, or facing a chair, ending with a thank-you to me (see below); and
3) An offer of ten minutes of your time.

In addition? I think it’s time for you to start thanking me for the opportunity to endure this torture. You may do that at the end of your two minutes, in your words, in your voice. Any recordings I post on my web I will edit to exclude your voice (other than the occasional “oh fuck” or “oh my god” during your self-stimulation).

Thank you, in advance. You are doing phenomenally.

[And, for those watching from home: Charlotte completed my previous request deliciously, but not quite as I intended. I had asked her to make me one continuous recording; in fact, she sent me four separate recordings. That makes my editing task easier, to share with you, because I don’t have to cut out the section with her voice. But it’s not what I asked for, or what I craved, because I had the sense that Charlotte was taking longer than the allotted time to complete my assignments, that her breaks between the elements of my assignments were consuming additional time. This wasn’t my intention. Both because I’m sensitive to how much of her time I’m consuming devouring, and because – well, because I wanted one long continuous recording that would deprive her of the opportunity to take longer breaks.]

Here, for your listening pleasure, are items a, c, and d of my request in the previous post.

A) Five minutes, alternating, ten seconds on, ten seconds off, with her vibrator:

C) 60 seconds with the vibrator pressing on her clit, not coming:

D) Two minutes, alternating on/off, but with only five seconds off between stimulations:

And, for your further delectation, here is the actual 2 minutes in front of the mirror, delivered by good girl Charlotte promptly:

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