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Before my recent period of password-protected darkness, if you searched for “male sex blog,” or even just “sex blog,” this blog would be the first or second result. No more.

I feel this as a loss, oddly.

This blog doesn’t make me money. It doesn’t give me much of anything, other than an outlet. I mean, it has, occasionally, generated genuine interest in women who stumbled on it (V, Sofia, Marina, Hope) and in others whom I met online or in real life and who got to know be better through it. But mostly, the value I’ve derived from the blog has come from writing, much more than from being read (never mind, being “recognized” or “celebrated”).

Traffic always has given me a little jolt, a thrill, but that benefit has been tiny and evanescent, compared to the other benefits.

But when I disappeared from Google, I felt a surprising pang of loss.

In the days since the password fell away, I’ve thrilled (and despaired, just a little) at the fluctuations in traffic. During the Dark Age, as I shall heretofore refer to the period of password protection, daily traffic was non-existent. A couple dozen people had the password. A few came by every day. Never more than a few.

Now, just a week after the end of that Dark Age, my numbers creep up, steadily (hence, thrill). Not fast, not far (hence despair).

I suspect I’ll keep a watchful eye on my traffic until I’m back where I was before.

Come back, readers! This is the biggest, best, most thoughtful blog buy a straight man about sex and everything around it that there is! (I am capable of arrogance, I know, but I genuinely think this claim lies in the realm of objective truth – though if you know of another, tell me! I would love to link to other good blogs by men.)


I just googled “male sex blog,” and lo and behold, I’m back at the top!

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