Ardent readers

I pay attention to my readers. For a number of months, now, there are a couple in the UK who’ve been very diligently making their way through my blog. One seems to be in or near London. Hendon. Edgware. This reader has been reading me since at least July of last summer, when I first noticed them (and mentioned them). The other seems to be in the north of England, in Newcastle, or thereabouts. These two, along with a reader in North Carolina – with whom I’ve actually corresponded – are, I think, my three longest-standing, most devoted readers.

There are others who are loyal, who come often, who read lots. They’re elsewhere in the UK. One, in Dublin. A couple in New Jersey. A few more in New York. One in Philly. One in Lagos. One in Oslo. One in Nairobi.

I love these devoted, loyal readers. I love the idea that there are people who find the writing I’ve done on this blog compelling. Keep on reading. And please – don’t hesitate to write me. I really like meeting people who like my writing! (YES, I’m a narcissist. This isn’t news.)


  1. Reader from Ireland here. I’m not from Dublin but that’s probably what the stats are saying or maybe there’s someone else too. I haven’t read much lately. Consumed by world events and life.

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