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During a recent 24-hour period, almost 20% of my visits were by very frequent readers, people who return over and over to this blog. Evidently, what I write consistently interests, or arouses, or pisses off, these folks. People from all over the world, and close to home. Each of the towns or cities below had at least one (and in some cases several) very loyal readers of “My Dissolute Life.”

Auvergne (France)
Chapel Hill (NC, US)
Charlestown (MA, US)
Englewood (NJ, US)
Coal City (IL, US)
Ireland (no more granular detail provided)
London (UK)
New York City
Port Chester (NY, US)
Quezon City (Philippines)
Santa Ana (CA, US)
Slough (UK)
St. Helen’s (UK)
West Lothian (UK)

These are people who’ve been to my blog a LOT. Enough to have caught my attention. A few, I know. (Hi, Dawn, and Smirk, and Marie.) And at least one other is a regular commenter. (Hi, luv2sex.)

If you’ve read me for a while, you know I have a fairly insatiable appetite for connection. If you read this blog and love – or hate – what I write, I’d love to hear from you. I hate (love) the idea that I’m a fairly constant and repeated presence in people’s reading lists and I know nothing about them. I don’t know how old they are, what sex they are, what else they read. I don’t even know anything about what drew them here initially, or what keeps them coming back.

My boundless narcissism craves a deeper understanding. Just what is it that brings you back here?


  1. Hi there! I didn’t see myself in the list, but apparently (from the text of your post) you may think it’s me, since I don’t see the other Dawn’s city either… Or is it a 3rd Dawn? I’m starting to realise there are quite a few of us!

    What brings me back? I think it’s the same thing as what had me reading compulsively right after I first found your blog.
    It’s the deep thoughts, the fact that what you write makes me think, helps me sort through my own thoughts, deepen them, sharpen them. I was busy these past days, and didn’t comment much on your last two posts. I may sometime, when I have more time and energy.

    It’s also the very basic reactions, almost instinctual, that I get reading your sexy posts, your paeans…
    Or from looking at the beautiful pics that you put on your Tumblr feed… It may just be that I’m lazy, really… you find such nice pics, why should I look somewhere else? For someone who is somewhat technology challenged (you know how much!), it’s really an easy go-to 😉

    It’s also the fact that this is a safe place to agree or disagree with you. Because you are (mostly, when you don’t get rage-y) respectful of everyone’s opinion. But I mean, you are completely entitled to become rage-y once in a while. Especially as even then, you’re still quite respectful, really 😉

    Finally, it’s the fact that I like the way you write. It’s comfortable to read, conveys exactly what you are trying to say or get as a reaction.
    And maybe it’s also because I like to keep reading about what you’re up to 🙂

  2. I’m a blogger too, so I often visit your site to give you some moral support, at times, we need some kind of encouragement. I read your stuff with an open mind, in the belief that each person is entitled to his or her way of viewing things. You have a nice day.

  3. I saw the name ‘Marie’ and just assumed you are talking about me 😉

    What brings me back? You are quite a good writer and you have an interesting way with words, but also with choosing the subjects you write about. I frequently find myself without any words to comment on your posts, because they tend to make me think deep and hard about whatever subject you have written about. I also admit, I do not read all your posts. Sometimes I see the subject and know it does not interest me. Other times I start reading and know I won’t comment. But somehow whatever you write about, it sparks thoughts in my own mind.

    Like luv2sex, I read everything with an open mind and I do not always agree with your view on things, but then again, I don’t have to, right?

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you! Very flattering! Fwiw, I’m especially interested in when you disagree. I find discussion with smart people with whom I disagree far more interesting than discussion with those with whom I agree. Also, I learn more.

  4. What brings me back is that I can’t always email back and forth with you.

    Reading your blog is a nice way to stay connected to someone I like. And also your (sexy) posts turn me on. A lot.

  5. Since you invited: long time listener; first time caller.

    I don’t recall how I first came to your blog (somebody shared a link to something), but initially I was drawn to to your backstory. I have an interest in sex work, and in particular in John perspectives. Your story was aggressively self-aware & unapologetic, which I found very compelling.

    Your narrative style is what keeps me coming back. In my mundane life, I have to slough through terrible writing. When it comes to one-handed material, I need better. Your voice is confident (uh, sic, arrogant?), intelligent, and literate; that’s a hot combination. What turns you on doesn’t always objectively turn me on, but you articulate your arousal so clearly that it doesn’t matter.

    Obligatory demographics: 40-something, pansexual, cis-female.

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