In my eternal, narcissistic quest to learn what you (readers) like, what you don’t like, I’m trying a new plug-in on the blog that lets you “rate” everything – posts, comments.

I would really appreciate it if you (especially regular readers, but also first-time visitors) took the time just to hit the stars under each post – let me know. Did you love a post? Give it a ten. Hate it? Give it a one.

I’m truly not fishing for praise. I’m looking for a way to gauge what people like, what they like less. Up ‘til now, I”ve relied on comments on the blog, and e-mails on the side, to let me know this. But many of you don’t want to to comment, don’t want to interact directly with me, and I respect this. So I hope that the rating system can provide you with a less obtrusive way of providing feedback.

(And, if you have a reaction to the rating system itself, its conception or its execution, I’d love to hear that too, in the comments.)

Thanks in advance.


  1. Maybe you need to take a holiday. You’re not a numbering system to me. It doesn’t matter what people like. It only matters what you like. Unless you are gauging trends or something. I read your previous two, and before that as well, and your bio. You seem to still have plenty of crayons in your box, and dicks with attached balls in your pants. Keep coloring! Just remember to keep coloring outside the lines, and you’ll be fine.

  2. well, good.! that would probably mean you are straight, as indicated by your bio and marital status. no that you have that sorted out, (and, I’m glad you checked), you should be good to go, regardless of anybody’s opinion, good, bad or indifferent..

  3. Your blog has really gotten boring and pretentious. It used to be really good, but now it feels as though they are writing to impress yourself with what a good writer you think you are. And comparing yourself to Don Draper? Not sure what type of fanmail you have have been getting, but you need to deflate just a bit. Your conquests are awesome, your advice equally good. Your attempt to intellectualize a compulsion to have sex with as many women as possible is getting tiresome. Is your wife still with you? I really did enjoy is at first, and hope you get your mojo back.

    1. I wonder if this is a general view or if somehow I pissed you off. Others, please chime in. (I should say, one other reader has said somewhat similar things to me, but she is a distant buddy who confessed to being hurt by what she read about my other relationships.)

      1. Nothing like that. I love when you write about boundary pushing events sharing your motivations, feelings and observations. Lately you’ve been writing as though we are all so desperate to know what makes you tick. And I hate your fiction. Most of us want to live vicariously through you, or use tour writing to help us extend our own boundaries. I for one visited Le Trapeze with my wife based on what you’ve written. We didnt swap this first time, but we put on a show with me cumming on her face for a small audience. Its one of ghe most exciting things I have ever done. You see, your writing demystified it for me. I Could care less about how you think you are or arent like Don Draper. Re your wife, it seemed obvious she was starting to fracture from your self absorption. I think most women would.

        1. Hmmm. I think you misunderstand my motivation a bit. I write for me, not for you. I don’t imagine you’re so desperate to know what makes me tick. I am desperate to know what makes me tick, and this is currently the primary venue in which I explore that question. If you enjoy reading it, great; if not, please don’t.

          As for my “fiction,” I’m sorry to tell you, but I don’t write fiction. I have written, I believe, exactly one “fiction” piece since I started this blog. So I’m not sure what you’re referring to. And I’m sorry you hate it.

          I’m glad you enjoyed Le Trapeze, and I’m glad my writing helped you get yourselves there. Did you find my descriptions accurate?

          Re: Don Draper – see my previous comment. No one said you had to read the blog, or every post on it. Or that I could promise you would like every post.

          And finally, re my wife: she doesn’t read every word on this blog for precisely the reason you suggest. It IS self-involved, self-absorbed, and she lives with me, so she knows me. Arguably at least as well as I do. And doesn’t crave the incrementally greater knowledge of me that reading these words might could provide. I don’t blame her for this.

          You could think of this as something almost the opposite of what you suggest: not evidence of the self-absorption up with which she has to put, but rather, a strategy for sparing her it.

          I’m not sure what makes you think she “was starting to fracture.” I’ve surely missed that. She seems pretty good to me, thanks.

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