Instructions for the week

  1. Tell me when I may have fifteen minutes of your time. In that window, you should be at home, with privacy. You should expect to receive a text from me a minute or two before the assigned window with your instructions.
  2. May I see you dress and undress? Let’s start with just tomorrow, if you’re comfortable with it. Or Tuesday, if you’d like to discuss it further with me either via text or when we meet, tomorrow. (I would like, eventually, to see you do it for several days in a row, or more. But for now, just tomorrow.) Dress for me. Come for me. And, at the end of the day, undress for me. And come for me. Show me as much or as little of you coming (and, dressing) as you wish. I would love to see your full body, but it’s fine if you want to show just close-ups. And w/r/t coming? Audio alone is ok. Video, better…. I’m happy to discuss.
  3. I need a comprehensive catalog of your clothing, so that I may direct you. Let’s go by item. Start with dresses. Then skirts. Then pants/trousers. Tops. Bras. Panties. And finally, gym outfits. Ideally? This would be one item per photo. When do you think you can commit to showing me, say, your dresses?
  4. Show me your vibrators. I will ask you to spend thirty minutes seconds teasing your cunt with each one for me on video. I may, however, have some requests as it relates to the panties/clothes you wear as you do this. When do you think you can commit to doing this for me?

There’s much, much more I could ask you for. But I don’t want to overwhelm you. And if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by my asks? I would like you to tell me that, please.

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