Dear Julie

For months, now, I’ve had post after post write itself in my head. As we’ve spent time together, I’ve made long lists of all the ways I want to see you, of all the clothes I want you see you in (and out of), of all the positions I want to see you in, of all the angles I crave. Lists of how I want to touch you, how I want to see you touch yourself, what I want to do with you.

Your distance – literally thousands of miles away – has made all this a little less… pressing. Intense. Urgent. But it hasn’t stopped my brain from spinning. Several times I’ve told you “I’m working on something I’m writing about you.” And every time I’ve said that, it’s been true. But I haven’t, yet, finished anything about you in months.

More’s the pity, I have literally a dozen drafts I’ve started. Letters to you. Posts about you. Lists of things I want. More questionnaires and surveys. But something has been holding me back. I think I know what it is, and if I’m right, it has absolutely nothing to do with you….


Here’s what I would like, for the time being: I’m going to give you a list. I don’t want to know your response to the list. I don’t want to know your response to the items on the list. I just want you to give me, in our upcoming sessions together, whatever on the list you can. Whatever would turn you on to give me. And nothing that you can’t, or that wouldn’t turn you on. Don’t tell me in advance. Don’t ask me questions. Just give it to me. Please.

  • Touch yourself. Lightly. Not masturbation. Not even (necessarily) your pussy. Just let your fingers interact with your flesh – your thighs, legs, chest, neck, arms – while we are together. On your back? Maybe trace the seam of your shorts. Standing? Maybe just tickle the outside of your thigh a little. I’m not looking for you to get yourself off. I’m looking to see you show your body as you stimulate it just a bit with touch. As you give pleasure to it. As you take pleasure from it.
  • Dress up for me. Show me you in all the nicest clothes you have. And then, of course, undress for me. I love seeing you clothed. And I love seeing you remove your clothes.
  • Hold eye contact. Often, your eyes are far from the camera, or are obstructed. For a session or two or three, let it not be so. Let me see your eyes, fixed on mine, for as much of the session as you possibly can sustain. As close as you can manage.
  • Cunt and ass. Your cunt and ass are two of your best features (among many). I want to be as close to them as Zoom and your phone/laptop will permit. Don’t worry about being artistic. Don’t worry about maintaining the flow of our session. For a session or two or three, let your primary priority be ensuring I’m directly between your thighs, as close to that pretty pussy as the parameters of our current relationship permit.
  • Resume coming for me. For a while, you came after our sessions. I want that again. I want to know your fingers smell of your cunt while we’re together, and that you’re shaking with pleasure after.
  • Surprise me. Change it up. Your outfit. What we do. The views I have. Keep me guessing. You’ve been doing some of this with our routine. I like it. More, please!
  • Write for me. Tell me about the sex you’ve been having. With others. Alone. Paint a picture.
  • Let’s go shopping. I got you a couple of things a while back. There was a mislaid order. But whether we buy or not, it’s fun to shop! Fill my email/Pinterest with ideas.
  • Give me an idea or ten of your own. You’re smart. Creative. Surely we can heat things up in ways you concoct….

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