“Are you sure you want to be Athena?” I asked? “Not Aphrodite?”

Here are a few facts about Athena:

  1. She does that thing where she makes what, apparently, is called the “Grace Face” – she places her hands flat, beneath her pretty face (she’s a mix of Mediterranean and Asian; her beauty is quite unusual), and she gives an overly performative smile or duck face.
  2. She’s in limbo, living in ever-changing temporary gigs. She won’t be around for long, alas. Once her limbo resolves – which it will, after she navigates a maze of bureaucracy – she will be gone.
  3. For a moment, she pondered (or maybe more accurately, allowed me to believe she was pondering)* my licking her clit. She’s come down against that, which makes me sad. For her, and for me. More, obvs, for me. I’m not so cocky as to imagine I’m God’s cunnilingus gift to women. But I do know my capabilities. And I know – from things she’s said – that she hasn’t experienced anyone who performs at the level at which I perform. I’m not pushy. I take “no” for an answer. But. I hold out hope….
  4. At one point, she told me that her experience of men is that there’s always an expectation of something in return when they go down on her. This reflects a limitation in her experience.
  5. I don’t crave her mouth on my cock. She doesn’t love sucking cock. I don’t want anyone’s mouth on my cock who doesn’t love sucking cock, who doesn’t need my cock in her mouth.
  6. She has a sort of glamorous elegance that doesn’t exactly seem effortless, but does seem innate, essential to her. I’ve seen her moments after she wakes up, and, even with bedhead and sleep dust in her eyes, her glamour shines through.
  7. She has the strength, the wisdom, the courage – and the wariness – that come from wounds of the sort that can do tremendous damage to people.
  8. She is eminently responsible, reliable – even as I have the sense that there is chaos around the edges.
  9. She likes lingerie. And she looks good in it.
  10. Her body – like her face – veers toward whatever perfection is. Her curves are dangerous, her muscles are toned. She is unblemished. My cock stiffens just at the thought of her, at the memory of her – not a common occurrence for my cock. Her C/D breasts make just about anything she wears looks spectacular. Her ass isn’t fat, but it is big. In only the best ways. And her thighs, too – they’re muscular, large, and dying to be pinned back.
  11. Her hair is wavy, approaching curly. Black. Her eyes are dark, wide, bright. Her brows are thick, and her cheekbones are impossibly high. Her teeth are bright. She has an easy smile, enthusiastic, generous, wide.
  12. She has the look of a model.
  13. She is not modest.
  14. She tolerates appreciation, but she seems not to feed on it. At least not from me.
  15. She generously grants me almost all that I want of her.

I hope (for my sake) that the gears of bureaucracy move slowly for her.

I hope (for her sake) that she gets where she’s going soon.

This actually <em>is <em>Athenas pretty ass

* Athena, upon reading this post in draft, write, “I wasn’t lying about contemplating your offer initially though. That part isn’t quite accurate. But I wouldn’t suggest changing it because it’s your own thought.” So. I didn’t change it. But I did add this note.

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