Ok, now I’m fucked

Diana and I have established a five-day-a-week stretching regimen.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. I’m not sure that there’s no better way to start a day than with a stretch with Diana’s pretty eyes, mouth, breasts, pussy, legs, thighs, and ass in my face for half an hour – but there certainly are not many better ways.
  2. Stretching every day, multiple times a day, and working out several times a week is very difficult for me to do, but I feel better when I do it.
  3. Diana’s thighs have my ears’ names written all over them. Not yet. Not in Sharpie. But, you know, figuratively.

Today, as she lay back, her heels together, her knees open wide, her pretty pussy just barely covered by a light-colored pair of silk panties – and as I did the same (in shorts), with a screen at my feet, and another, to my side – I looked at her and said, “I could just DEVOUR you.”

Diana surprised me with her response. “You should,” she said. Or something to that effect. Maybe it was, “I’d like that very much.”

In any event, the rest of our time together was a bit of a blur. I talk a good game, here, but confronted with an actual hot specimen of willingness, I’m not always as quick on my feet as I might wish.

There’s always tomorrow, though. When she’ll be splayed before me once again.

COVID, and life, present obstacles. But I fucking love me some obstacles.

Meanwhile, I hope she has a Sharpie handy one day soon….

Also not her I think Also could be her She <em>did<em> suggest both photos


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