As my stretching continues, I get to meet so many different, interesting, hot women.

Jo reminds me in many ways of the Rockette. Physically, she’s similar: tall, blonde, gorgeous. Statuesque, even. I think she said she’s 5’10”. She has big, full breasts. D-cup, I would guess. (36DD, she tells me, upon reading this.) She’s got a slim waist and full hips. And a super-sweet, nearly innocent smile and energy. Both Jo and the Rockette radiate a sort of cheery sexlessness, even as the tiniest scratch of the surface demolishes that impression.

I said her smile is “nearly” innocent.

Jo’s not that innocent.

A world traveler, she has stories. She’s had threesomes galore, and though she dates men, it seems women are what really get her off. And they do.

Before we even met, Jo was flirting beyond the confines of the “hot trainer.” [There will be a subsequent post on the interaction between the commercial, the personal, the sexual. I understand: I’m employing Jo. I met her on Seeking Arrangement. This is a commercial relationship.] And/but…. what I have to offer is clear: I’m paying her, per session, to stretch with me. And in between (we’ve stretched together now, twice), she’s come for me a couple of times, sent a few pictures of her post-orgasmic face, shown me the stains her pussy has made on her furniture, and sent a picture or two of the vibrator she just pulled out of her cunt.

Unusually (but not uniquely), among those with whom I’ve stretched so far, Jo has ok’d my recording our sessions. For this, I’m grateful. The other day, after stretching with Diana, who got my cock good and hard, I whipped out video #1 of Jo’s ass, in a tight pair of shorts, as she bent over for me, as she spread her legs for me, and I got myself off. One of several orgasms Jo’s videos have facilitated.

Jo’s brown, wavy hair is lustrous. It hangs behind her, to the small of her back, or, around the front, below her large breasts. Her eyes are bright bright bright blue/grey green, and always have mascara. (I could do without, but she couldn’t.) Her mouth is W-I-D-E. My cock would, will, fit very nicely in it. She’ll have lots of space to swirl her tongue around it, and her lips will provide quite the sensation.

When she kneels down in child’s pose and sticks her large, round, full, muscular ass in my face, I’m in something like heaven. When she sits in butterfly, her pussy framed by her apricot short shorts, and leans forward, the canyon of her cleavage in her string top invites me.

And, through it all – notwithstanding any of her delightful features – what tantalizes me the most, what draws me to her, what makes my cock hardest – is her trust. This woman who knows only what I’ve shown her of me – on screen, in this blog – is prepared to allow me to record, to keep safe, videos in which her ass fills the screen, her cunt fills the screen, her face fills the screen.

Now that makes my cock hard.

Just look at that ass It is in fact Jos


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