Questions, and instructions, for Diana

1. Tell me about your morning routine. When do you get up, what’s the sequence of events?

2. Tell me about your days, generally? What do you do? Where do you go? Whom do you see? What do you wear?

3. When was your last orgasm?

4. When would your next one be, if you didn’t let me decide the answer to that question?

5. I’m hungry. Do you think you can handle that? Do you think you can feed it? Do you imagine you could satisfy my hunger?

And some instructions….

1. Tomorrow, I will watch you dress for me. Our first minutes will be you putting your dress, your panties, on for me. Our last minutes will be you undressing for whatever comes next. The shower? A towel or robe. Your day? Show me as you put your clothes on. No change? So be it.

2. I want your next orgasm. I want to decide when you have it. I want to decide how you have it. And, I want to watch. Preferably live. But if that’s too difficult schedule-wise, I want you to enable me to see it in a way with which you are comfortable. And, if that’s not possible? I want to hear it.

3. I want to have a discussion about expectations, about boundaries. I’ve written something about my thoughts. I expect I’ll share it later today. I want you to read it. And I want to hear your thoughts in response. In whatever form is most natural/easy for you. Could be in conversation. Could be a recorded voice memo. Could be an email. Or something else.


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