It’s raining

Meet Jolene. “Think Anastasia Steele when it comes to me,” she wrote.

“Ok, Anastasia,” I said. “Go read my blog. Seriously.”

And we were off to the races.

Like Alexandra, she’s (too) young. In every other way, though, she’s the opposite.

Alexandra is tiny. Jolene is big. Not fat. Not fat at all. But big. (In a small package – somehow, she packs a ton of meat into a 5’0″ frame.) I can’t wait to feel it all. In the mean time, I have to consent myself to look at it. [COVID sucks!]

Her eyes are sultry. Dark, I think. Her lips are pouty, full. Her breasts are several sizes bigger than I know how to estimate. Everything about her is meaty. In a delicious, surprising (to me) way.

We didn’t get off to the best start. She was, I told her, too eager. And, too bratty. A potentially toxic combination. To my (pleasant) surprise, she listened. Well. And learned.

She restrained herself a bit, offering less, apologizing less, saying “no” less. Being less obnoxious, sarcastic, withholding.

And, lo and behold, my inbox has been flooded with her deliciousness. Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her cheeks. Her hair is long, brown/black. Super-straight. Shiny. Her lips are pouty. Bratty. They look like they were built for (my) cock. Her cheeks are surprisingly high, given her proportions. Her face looks like it would be at home on a skinny supermodel.

The truth is, the rest of her would be at home on a plus-size supermodel. I don’t know that there’s an ounce of fat on her, but her breasts are huge. Her waist is tiny. Her hips are huge. Her ass gives “meaty” a whole new dimension for me. I was googling around for some models who are reminiscent of her, but I can’t find any with the combination of beauty and proportions. Some have the same proportions, but their faces aren’t gorgeous. Some have gorgeous faces, but they’re smaller. Jolene is, seemingly, sui generis.

AND, she gives me what I ask. In no time, she was producing high-quality porn photosets for me. A schoolgirl set. A bikini set. A jeans/top set. DAMN.

Sometimes, women burn hot, bright, and fast, in my blog world. (Alexandra did, for example.) I’m very hopeful I’ll have more to tell you about Jolene in the coming days. Who knows. Maybe she’ll let me show you….


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