Marina is hot

I introduced Marina a week or two ago. She pointed out (I missed this) that in my introduction of her, even though I included some smoking hot photos she had sent, I failed to write that she’s hot, to communicate anything about my perception of her attractiveness (other than to say that she makes my cock so hard it feels like it might break).

But there’s a difference between my writing about what she does to me, to my body, to my mind, and my writing about what she looks like.

Not Marina But sorta looks like her

So let me be clear: Marina is hot. She’s cute: small, bright-eyed, big-smiled. Her face is very pretty, and expressive, and kind. And it seems somehow wrong that her mouth isn’t, her full lips aren’t, taking in my cock. Yet.

She’s curvy: her thighs (about which she professes some insecurity) are muscular, toned, and meaty. Not an ounce of fat, just meat. Her ass, her hips, are utterly proportional, but the curves are violent, flaring out from her tiny waist, and then tapering again quickly, producing that controversial thigh gap. She has the kind of thighs that make me want to dive in and bite them, the kind of ass that invites a solid spanking. Though it’s a general feature of my desire that I fucking love seeing women’s thighs and cunts (generally, covered with fabric), it is especially true of Marina.

Her breasts are pert, B-cup, perky. I’ve seen them now in every bra, in every bikini, she owns, I think, as well as braless, under a variety of t-shirts. And they’re just… spectacular.

She’s very fit. I don’t know how often she does yoga, goes to the gym, hikes, bikes. She says she doesn’t look like she goes to the gym that often – and she’s right that she doesn’t look muscular or lean. But she looks incredibly fit. As I said – there’s no fat, just meat. But I’ll grant her that it’s not, all, 99% lean meat. But it is, 100%, yummy meat.

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