Sex in the time of COVID19

A long time ago – twenty years? more? – I read Love in the Time of Cholera. I have no memory of it.

Today, though, I find myself thinking about the impact of the current plague on our love and sex lives. I imagine it’ll be months before I have sex of the sort I have written about here. And, for society’s sake, I hope that’s true of others as well.

This upsets me.

In a time like this, I value especially my distant buddy relationships, as I have long relied on them – and in-person relationships – to fend off my omnipresent feeling of deadness.

And, I hope, I trust, that I also will find again my voice, as writing, too, has made me know I’m alive at times.

But for the moment?

God knows I feel dead.

And a “joke”: there was a rumor going around that John Travolta has Covid19, but, thankfully, it turns out he just has Saturday Night Fever and, not to worry, he’s staying alive.

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