Meditation on Marina

One way I plan to use her:

My office has privacy, has a couple of comfortable, small rooms, in one of which I will put her – a room with a couple of chairs, a couch. Good wifi. She will be comfortable in there.

I will be in a separate room, working. Marina will be working too, of course. She will be tasked with, during the day, ensuring that her cunt is aching, wet, and ready for me. She will have certain permissible activities. She may take pictures of herself for me. (I will have made sure she has a backlog of photoshoots to make for me.) She may bring herself to the edge of orgasm for me. (Provided that she not traverse that edge, and that she be sure to show me.) She may engage in any activity the primary purpose of which is my gratification.

I will tell her when my breaks are, how long they are. At the appointed times, I will expect to find her, on her knees, her hands behind her back, her mouth open, her eyes closed. During my breaks, I will fuck her face. Five minutes here. Fifteen minutes there. An hour, here.

I may also give her errands. Errands that will help her get to know my city. Maybe I’ll tell her she needs to send me a photo of her cunt at this location; to pick up a delicacy at that one. I will structure her sightseeing so she sees the best sights, has the hottest, most interesting possible exposure to my fair city. All, while she serves me, endlessly.

At night, we will finish what I will have used the daytime to tee up. She will not just suck my cock but will swallow my cum. She will not just kneel, but will lie, stand, sit, rock. She won’t just suck, but will lick, fuck, be licked, be fucked.

Just one, possible, vision.

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