I’m not in the mood to talk tonight.

I want to watch you. To see you shift, uncomfortably, in your chair, on your stool, as I direct you. Cross your legs. Uncross your legs. I want to imagine the sensations in your cunt as your thighs touch, come apart, touch, squeezing your parts together as your cunt grows slippery with anticipation.

As you grow wet, I want to grow hard, as I anticipate the service you are about to provide me, the time my cock is about to spend in your mouth as you swirl your tongue around it, pressing up against the shaft gently, firmly, sliding your lips up and down it, alongside it. As you cradle my balls gently, gently, as you lick, delicately, as you devour hungrily.

You remember how I like my cock sucked, don’t you? Have you read up? Reminded yourself? I’ve made it easy, you know. All you have to do is click here.

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