Pack a bag

No, we aren’t going anywhere, but I want to watch you, to use you.

Pack as if we were going somewhere warm for a week. While there, we would spend some time on the beach, some in nice restaurants and bars, maybe a night in a club, and not a little time just in our room. It should be a pretty big suitcase, I’d think.

I want you to model it all for me. I want to see you in, and out of, every scrap of clothing you pack. In your lingerie, your hosiery, your bikini, your jeans, your skirts, your dresses. Your tight tops, your t-shirts, your flouncy tops, your yoga pants, your sleep shirt. Show off not just your amazing body but your phenomenally sexy tastes.

As you change through these outfits, I will touch you. I’ll caress you gently, grab you roughly. I’ll squeeze you, spank you, rub you, pinch you, hit you. I’ll rub your pussy through your clothes, rub your clit under them, slide my finger – my fingers – deep into you while the back of my hand presses against your panties as you arch up to meet me, forcing my finger – my fingers – deeper and deeper.

I may gently remove some of the items you select. I may violently tear off some others. My goal will be to render every pair of panties you pack unwearably wet before we are through.

I’ll ask you to crawl to me in one outfit, to crawl away from me in another. I’ll watch as you touch yourself under a dress. I’ll ask you to cross and un-cross your legs as you sit across from me in a skirt. I’ll ask you to do a little yoga for me in your leggings. I’ll bend your body in new ways, and in old ones.

I’ll lick your juices off my fingers, off your fingers. I’ll slide my fingers into your mouth so you can lick your juices off of them. I’ll watch as you lick your own fingers clean.

I’ll stroke my cock, rub it through my pants, through my boxers, throughout. I’ll grab you and press you down on my lap so my hard-on can feel your ass, your cunt, through or clothes. So you can feel my cock, how ready it is for you, how difficult it must be for me to restrain myself.

You’ll kneel in front of me, hungrily. You’ll lick your lips, rub the bulge in my pants, lick your lips again. You’ll beg me – “Let me suck your cock.”

“Not yet,” I’ll say.

“Let me cum,” you’ll ask.

“Not yet,” I’ll say.

“Please?” you’ll plead.

“Show me your ass,” I’ll say. You’ll stand up and turn around. “Bend over,” I’ll say. My voice will be firm but polite, not harsh, not demanding. Rather, more like a gentle guide – this is what’s happening next, it’s all OK.

I’ll adjust your clothes – lift up your skirt, slide your panties to one side, maybe rip them off of you.

And then?

Now, it’s your turn….

Tell me what’s next.


  1. What’s next is whatever you want, whatever you will derive the most pleasure from…you’re the driver, after all.

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