Planning a date

The possibilities are endless.

Do I want to use her mercilessly, wear her out, send her home weak and sore?  Or do I want to be kind, gentle, giving – send her home weak, satisfied, and spent?

To challenge her mind, to send her home with her head spinning and her cunt dripping?  Or do I want to dress her like a little doll, show her off to a room full of leering, lecherous jealous sops?

To give her the reins, sending her home with a pound of my flesh?  Or to make her scream, and send her home with a pound of my flesh under her fingernails?

To bring her to a room filled with hotties and give her bold, scary dares?  Or to challenge her to give me bold, scary dares?

To go straight to our room, tie her to the bed, and not let her up for hours?  Or to give her a blindfold, restraints, and a paddle, and challenge her to do her worst?

To bring her to a strip club and challenge her to keep up with the professionals? Or to drive to a deserted spot and test out the shock absorbers on the car?

To take out our laptops and write?  Or to take out our sex toys and play?

To bind her, to gag her?  Or to dare her to control herself?

What do you think?  What would be best?


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