This is a double.

They sit at the end of the bar, drinking gins and tonic. They are in their early 30s, talking animatedly. About work.

On the right, a caramel-colored woman – Latina, I would guess. Her jet black hair is pulled taut into a ponytail, not high on her head, but not low. It’s straightened, but not quite straight, parted precisely down the middle. Her lips are crimson, the precise same shade as her clinging, form fitting turtleneck dress. Her skin is clear. Cheekbones high. B-cup breasts. She’s easy on the eyes, but somehow asexual.

On the left, in an aquamarine crushed silk thigh-high dress, is her companion, South Asian/Indian. Her hair is wavy, curly, two toned, black and gold (!). Her dress isn’t nearly as flattering, her body not nearly as perfect as her companion’s, but she’s veritably dripping sex. I can’t peel my eyes off of her.

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