A craving

I used to pay for a lot of handjobs – massages with “happy endings.” The truth is, though, that I often didn’t want a massage with a happy ending. The “happy ending” wasn’t even central to my aim. No, what I really wanted was for a beautiful woman to (want to) attend to my cock endlessly. Not necessarily the up-and-down repetitive motion of “jerking off,” but the sensual, deliberate, attending to every part of my cock.

Today, that’s what I want.

The fantasy is non-specific. It’s not a particular woman I want to stroke my cock for one, or two, or three hours. (Well, maybe that’s not right. Maybe it is specific. Maybe it’s you I want stroking my cock.)

Actually, though, it’s not “stroking” that I want you to do. It’s so much more than that.

First, I suppose, I’d like for you to dress as instructed. (Always, always, I’d like for you to dress as instructed.)

I’d like to lie on a massage table, nude, on my back. Not because that reminds me of the happy ending massage parlors, but because massage tables are designed to facilitate touching perfectly. They put me at the right height for you to attend*, endlessly, to my cock, all while not necessarily touching any other part of my body, unless you choose to do so. You don’t need to lean on me, you don’t need to adjust your position to get a better angle. You can just touch. Stroke. Tickle. Squeeze. Grip. Slide. You can use a fingertip to touch the head, to stroke the frenulum. You can gently (gently) hold my balls while you slide your other hand up and down my shaft. Maybe pressing, maybe squeezing, maybe hard, maybe soft, maybe fast, maybe slow.

Another thing I like about a massage table is that, while I’m on my back, while you’re standing beside me, I can allow my hand to roam up and down your body. I can pull your hair, caress and pinch your nipples, squeeze your breasts. I can slide a finger into your cunt, or I can press my palm against your clit, vibrating. I can almost certainly, if I choose (and I might – but I might not) get you off.

The problem, of course, with getting you off is that if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me come, it’s you coming. And I don’t, in this particularly fantasy, want to come. What I want is to feel alive, to feel the blood swelling my cock, making it so hard it (almost) hurts. And then, in that state, to feel you on it.

What do you say? Are you game? Winking smile


* I keep using this word. In French, it means “to wait.” I don’t mean it in that sense. I mean it in a much more active, devoted sense. I want you to pay attention to my cock.

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