Minister to me

As my libido kicks in, I find myself feeling a bit lazy, a bit selfish.

What I want is not to do any work, not to have any responsibility.

I want to sit, comfortably, while you devote yourself to my pleasure.

tumblr_ns3zpuECxN1qzmzdlo1_500I want you to arrive for me dressed as I request. In dark tights or leggings, in a soft dress, one a little lighter than might be called for by the weather. Maybe in a cotton bra. Maybe in no bra. I’ll want you to stand before me, and to model your pretty body for me. To turn around, to bend over, to show me your ass. To lift your dress, to open your legs wide for me. To touch your pussy, first over the dress, then under the dress but over the tights, and then, under the tights, under your panties. I’ll want to taste your cunt on your finger. I’ll want to see you tease your clit, tease your pussy, bring yourself close to coming for me, but then pulling back. All, while still dressed as I asked you to arrive.

Eventually, I’d like to see you change your clothes. I will have asked you to bring several other possibilities for me. Perhaps a bathing suit – one-piece? Bikini? Both? Maybe multiple sets of bras and panties. Maybe some jeans, some shorts, some other casual or more formal outfits. In my weakened state, part of what I’ll want to do is simply to sit back and stroke my (very hard) cock as you display yourself to me.

Maybe I’ll take some pictures of you (with your phone or camera, of course).  Maybe you’ll bring yourself to the edge of coming repeatedly for me. Maybe you’ll beg for me, beg to come for me, beg for my cock. Though I’m good at teasing for a while, I’m not, truth be told, very good at withholding. If you beg, and I mean really beg, I will certainly allow you to come. In fact, I will likely ask you to come over and over for me, if at all possible, until you beg me to stop.

I’ll certainly want you to tease my cock, to kneel before me and look in my eyes, as you rest your hands on my thighs, your thumbs touching the bulge in my jeans.  I’ll want you to press down with your thumbs, to devote more of your hands to my cock, to stroke me, to squeeze me. Ultimately, yes, to unbutton my jeans, to pull out my cock, to study it, to exhale on it, to kiss it, to touch it softly with your tongue, to lick it, to slide it slowly into your mouth, just the tip, and then, yes, to swallow me whole, sucking ferociously. I’ll want to grip your head from behind and push you down on my cock, to pull you up off of it.

In my current state, I expect that this is what I will want, for hours. I won’t, today, want to lick your clit, to fuck you. I may well want to press against your clit with my fingers, with my thumb. I may want to dip my own fingers into your cunt as you lick, suck, stroke, me. But mostly, what I will want is to be ministered to, cared for.

And I’ll want, surely, to fill your mouth with my cum. (There’s so much of it right now.)

Will you do this for me? Please?


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