This is interesting has a story about how many people reached orgasm during their most recent sexual encounter, and the sexual acts that were involved. It’s interesting. Most interesting to me? Sexual encounters in which women performed oral sex apparently produced more female orgasms than sexual encounters featuring “partner masturbation.” I wonder if this is because “partner masturbation” is defined broadly, as “masturbating with a partner, rubbing genitals together, dry sex, or humping.” Because gosh, you’d think that masturbating together would be a more sure-fire way for you to come than my feeding you my cock. But maybe I’m wrong?


  1. It’s difficult to comprehend but there is something so sensual about bringing pleasure to your partner that it’s not that surprising to see this. Though it’s comforting for me to know I’m not the only one experiencing this 😉

    What *I* find interesting is the fact that men experience orgasms in similar numbers no matter how they are brought to climax (with a slight increase for PIV and even more for receiving anal). But all in all… above 90%
    To me, this states that men don’t really care much for one sort of sex over another, they’ll come no matter what. It seems more delicate for women…

    Which leads me to wonder: How many orgasms were experienced while the woman was in charge. It may have an influence if women are able to do what feels good to them.

  2. Slightly embarrassed to admit that sometimes I’ve squirted when I’ve been sucking his cock. Well, when he’s been fucking my mouth anyway. It’s hot as all hell but so embarrassing.

      1. Because it seeps into my tiny little sex obsessed brain that I’m a total slut for him and his cock. I’m no longer the good girl, the girl that everyone sees and thinks I am – I’m a dirty little slut who’s getting off on having my mouth fucked.

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