This is what you’ll do for me

You’ll wear a skirt, boyshorts.  I know, you prefer dresses.  But I’d like you in a skirt, please.  And a top that shows off your breasts.

We’ll meet at noon.

We won’t speak.  We’ll kiss hello – hard.  We’ll walk two blocks to the hotel.  I’ll pay and we’ll check in.  Once in the room?

I want you to lie on the bed, to play with yourself, in your clothes, under your clothes.

While your hands are on, in your pussy, I will blindfold you.  Will you use a vibrator?  A dildo?  It’s up to you.  Whatever works.

I will trail my cock over your cheek, your eyes, your lips.  You will want to hold it with your hands, to put it in your mouth.  I will make you wait.  I may make you beg.

I will ask you to cum for me.  You will protest – you can’t, you don’t want to, you won’t.

But you will.  Will you be loud?  Quiet?  Violent?  Still?  I don’t know, yet.  I haven’t heard you cum.  But you will cum for me.

Perhaps you’ll cum for me again.  And again.  Or maybe just once.  (Which do you think most likely?)

When you are ready for a break, I’ll remove your blindfold.  I will lie next to you, still dressed.  (My cock will have been out, but it will be back in.)

I’ll ask you to go to work on my cock.  “Please,” I’ll say.  “Tease my cock.”

And you will.  You will, expertly.  Touch, stroke, squeeze, lick, blow, suck, press, pull, rub.  My cock will be your plaything.  You have been well instructed, and you will have learned well.

I may close my eyes.  I may ask you to blindfold me.  I may ask you to restrain me.  I may grab your head, I may finger you.  I may squeeze your tits roughly, or gently.  I may pinch your nipples.  I may fuck your face hard, or allow you to suck my cock gently.  Or both.

I may announce that I want to fuck you, though more likely, I won’t.  Not this time.  I may ask you to allow me to lick your cunt.  I may ask that I be allowed to do that while my cock is in your mouth. Or maybe not.

I will tell you that I want to cum in your mouth, that I want to cum down your throat.  What will you say?  I don’t know.  You may ask me to cum on your tits, instead.  Or on your face.  Or in your hair.  I will do what you wish (but you will know my preference).

I will cum, hard.

We will lie with one another for just a few minutes, debriefing, making small talk, touching one another’s bodies.

And then we’ll get dressed and walk out into the sunlight, kissing goodbye.  “See you next time,” you’ll say.  And I’ll squeeze your ass, pulling you toward me so I can kiss you one last time before we’re gone.


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