And then… (part 2)

Wrapped in towels, we took ourselves to the big room, a room holding some ten or fifteen couples. There was a fair amount of fucking going on, and the crowd was a good one: attractive, young, and not a paid companion in sight. Well, at least none obvious.

We threaded our way through the scrum at the entry to the room, where three or four couples were standing, watching the action, and crossed the room, walking to an available space in the far corner. We walked past a couple of fucking couples, a foursome or two, and the perfect-breasted glasses-wearer and her Venezuelan husband/boyfriend (who was chewing gum and stroking his meaty cock, as he seemingly always is) and sat ourselves down.

V caught some stares. She was the youngest woman there, and her demure nervousness is like blood in the water to the sharks in a sex club. I knew she wanted no sexual contact with anyone other than me, and I saw instantly that I needed to be mindful of her position, and to guard her against the quickly circling sharks.

I sat her in the corner, against the wall, kissed her, and pulled her panties off. My cock was rock hard, so I wasted no time, and simply plunged into her, missionary style. She moaned, bucked, thrusted, and I fucked her, hard. Her head bumped against the wall. I held her ankles up over my head. She came in no time, but I kept going for a bit, and then lowered myself, putting my mouth between her thighs.

Around then, another couple came and sat VERY close to us on V’s right. They seemed primarily interested in the couple to their right, but not for long. Meanwhile, glasses girl and Venezuelan guy came and sat to V’s left, and he directed his wife to start sucking him off. (You may recall that their unfortunate policy is that oral is reserved – giving, that is – for one another. I fucked her before, twice, and have gone down on her too, but what I really want from her is to see her looking up at me through her glasses, my cock in her mouth.)

So I collected another orgasm from V, or maybe two, and then told her I was ready for her to suck my cock. This was where I fell down on my job. I wasn’t thinking, didn’t realize that this would leave her ass, her pussy exposed, and more important, I wasn’t vigilant in fending off the sharks.

My eyes closed, my cock in her mouth, the couple to our right -attractive, forty-something, white – sidled closer. First, the woman started stroking V’s tits, and then, I looked up and saw the man fingering her. “Are you ok?” I asked V. She nodded, seemingly happy, and kept licking, sucking. Then he was under her, licking her pussy. “You sure you’re ok?” I asked. Again, she nodded.

In retrospect, I handled this badly. I knew she didn’t want this, and I shouldn’t have asked her. All of us, but especially women, are a bit conflict-avoidant. This characteristic is enhanced in a sex club. So rather than wave him off, as I should have, I took the easier path of delegating to V the responsibility for articulating the rejection, requesting it, and then took lazy refuge in her distraction.

In the end, it wasn’t, says V, a big deal. But even as she neared an orgasm as his tongue flicked her clit, her mouth on my cock, I knew I had made a mistake.

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