A night at Le Trapeze (part 3)

This post finishes the tale begun, by text, here. And then, with drinks and some play here. And then, the group play began here….

“Let’s go downstairs and see what’s going on there,” I said. Jen looked momentarily puzzled. My cock hadn’t been in her mouth that long, and I seemed to be having fun. But I think she got my drift quickly. We stood up, wrapped ourselves in our towels, and headed downstairs.

We settled in the party room. The Greek guy and his two women friends were against the far wall, fucking away. (No condoms among the three of them, I noticed.) The brunette was particularly vocal: she was having a good time. Or acting loudly. But it was hot. The blonde played with herself while the other two fucked, and occasionally kissed the brunette. Then, she got up and sat on the guy’s face while the brunette rode him. All good….

Meanwhile, I went down on Jen for a bit. “Are you going to make me beg you to put your cock in me?” she asked. “Yes,” I said, as if that were totally obvious. I mean, it was, right?

“Put your cock in me,” she said, in a sort of plaintive tone that I was prepared (generously, I know) to credit as begging.

I reached for a condom, rolled over, and she lowered herself onto me. For a moment, I thought I would cum instantly, as I had when we fucked after the last party we went to together. But no. I was fine. I pulled out. “Roll over on your belly,” I said. “I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Not too deep,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I said. (What’s she thinking, I thought to myself. My cock isn’t that big in the first place….)

She spread her legs, but I closed them. I guided my cock into her, between her closed legs, and braced myself against the wall as I fucked her. Earlier, she had told me she liked how I fuck – not too hard, more gentle. (This is not always how I fuck, but it is how I fuck her, having divined that it’s what she likes.) I pushed her gently down into the pillows, and fucked and fucked and fucked. Was it five minutes? Fifteen? Twenty? I’m not sure. I think it was on the shorter end, before I asked her if it was ok with her if I came.

“Yes,” she said. And so I did – hard, long, and collapsing on top of her.

I pulled my cock out, holding the condom as I did, and tossed the condom in a little garbage pail mounted on the wall for just that purpose.

We lay there and talked. “Is there anything I can do for you?” I asked. “Just touch me softly.”

As I did that, an attractive Russian woman, blonde, approached Jen. “You want massage?” she asked. I repeated the question to Jen, not sure if she’d heard. “Sure!” Jen said. The woman started rubbing Jen’s feet, and turned to her husband, motioning him to join.

“Uh-oh,” I thought.

I sat cross-legged near Jen’s head, caressing her breasts. The Russian woman rubbed her legs. And her husband (Sam, I later learned his name is) began caressing her thighs. Pretty soon, he was fingering her. I was readying myself to shoo him away when I caught Jen’s eye. Did I ask explicitly if she was ok? Or did she communicate that she was non-verbally? I don’t remember. But I knew that she was having a surprisingly good time. Sam continued to finger her, and then to lick her pussy, for a while – twenty minutes or so, I would say. His wife moved over to me, rubbing my feet, my calves, my thighs. My cock was returning to life, as I stroked it, and she was approaching it, albeit very slowly.

I went to caress her hair, and maybe to guide her down onto my cock. Her hair was wiry, scratchy. “Ick!” I thought. As her massage continued, she paused, reaching for a little bag. “Oh,” I thought. “She’s getting a condom. We’re gonna fuck.”

But I was wrong. It was a wipe. At some length, she removed a wipe from its wrapper and scrubbed my cock as if it had, oh, been inside an untold number of women that evening or something. And then her massage continued. “Well,” I thought. “She cleaned me, so at least she’ll suck my cock.”

I’m not always this passive, but the truth was, I didn’t particularly want to go down on or fuck this woman, but I was prepared to have my cock sucked by her, and the circumstance – in which her man was unilaterally entertaining my date – made this seem viable.

So I waited. And waited. As she tickled my thighs and stroked my cock. Finally, she made some sort of head motion that, in retrospect, I understand meant, “May I put a condom on you and then suck your cock?”

I nodded, and the condom emerged, and she began sucking.

My cock was hard, but…

Have you ever gotten or given a condom-covered blowjob? Honestly, my answer is, no thanks.

I didn’t say that, but it’s what I thought. “I’ll just wait this out, and I’ll cum in the back of Jen’s throat.”

It wasn’t to be, though. Shortly thereafter, the lights came up a bit brighter, and “Closing Time” came on. “I knew it!” said the Russian woman.

“Damn,” I thought, realizing I wouldn’t get to cum in Jen’s throat. She had a friend staying with her, so her place was off limits that night. T and I don’t generally bring others into our house. And it was late.

Jen and I stood up, went to the locker room, got dressed, and headed to a cab. Small talk in the cab all the way home. (She lives close to me.) She got out, I continued to my house, climbed in bed next to a deeply asleep T.


  1. condom covered blow jobs…*ick* i agree…no thanks.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 Sounds like a good time although you did miss out a bit at the end there. I still like the straight forward way you describe things. No fluff and nonsense…

    My favorite part was definitely the group thing going on in the small room. There’s something very hot about you both being with different partners, who are with different partners all doing your thing and enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Wait…at the end of part 2, Jay was moving closer to you and Jen…what happened? Crunchy hair? Ick. I wondered why you and Jen just didn’t spend the evening at her place, thanks for explaining.

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