I’ve been stalking you, readers.

You know this. I write about it from time to time.

I spent some time in Woopra today once again – it’s been a while since I snooped around, trying to learn about you.

I did a little research today on my most loyal visitors – people who’ve been to this blog more than fifty times. There aren’t that many of you (I mean – fifty is a lot), and I figured I actually know most of you.

Here are a couple of interesting things I’ve learned:

1) Woopra clearly hasn’t captured you all. Whether because you surf in porn mode, or whatever, I can’t see at least a couple of you whom I know are out there. (There’s a couple of Brooklyn people Woopra misses, and at least one in the great Northwest.)

2) The UK is a hotbed of N fans. Really, substantially all of my “frequent flyers” are in the UK. Woopra (which gets precise locations wrong often) thinks you’re in London, in Edgware, in Neasden, in High Wycombe, in Maindenhead (heh heh).

3) Here in the US, where I used to get all my most active readers from LA, it now seems that I only have frequent fliers in New York, with one of you in Connecticut, and one in Virginia,


  1. I’ll be accountable for being a Nw reader. Thanks for all your delicious thoughts and words. Can’t wait to read more of your shenanigans.

  2. I’ve read your blog a few different ways. Sometimes I come here and read it, but usually I read it from my reader (used to be Google, now it’s Feedly) and I believe that those readers do not show up in the stats. I have also read your blog on Tumblr – but since there is a jump I usually have to click through to here to read the whole thing. I know you said you use the stats counter on your Tumblr blog, but do you know about the readers? Are you able to get any stats on those at all? Just curious. I still only use the very basic Google Stats and barely ever look at it.

    1. Can we just commiserate about the whole Google Reader/Feedly debacle? Feedly is good, but it is NOT GR. I don’t know how I’m going to update my Tumblr – right now, I just star the stuff I like in GR – Feedly is SO MUCH slower as to be virtually unuseable on my phone. I’m so sad.

      As for Tumblr, I’ve paid a lot less attention there. I use both Google Analytics and Woopra, and I find Woopra infinitely cooler, and more intuitive, than Google Analytics.

      1. i have to say i dont mind Feedly. i was really bummed about the whole GR thing at first and it’s def not exactly like GR but when i switched it kept all my starred posts and i was pretty psyched about that. also i don’t use it on a phone and it works pretty well on my Mac in Chrome.

        i read a thing today where they are working on a beta sharing feature in Feedly to make it easier to share in a wide variety of ways. but still i don’t know about the phone app. sorry 🙁

  3. I’m a northwest reader, I like to pop by and see how life is going for you. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    1. Yup – I wish I did, but I haven’t really invested too much energy in trying to understand Feedburner, which is among Google’s less transparent products.

  4. I come here (no pun intended) for the stories. So far only the “Diamond” story seems interesting. It would make for good posts if something did happen.I don’t care for the creep shots. But you knew that.

  5. Funny when you say you’ve been stalking us, you make it sound voyeur-ish. And that makes it kinda hot.

      1. Hmmmyes, it must be about as hot for you to see, think, fantasize about your readers.
        Waving in your direction from the Netherlands 🙂

  6. Can I suggest a better tracker? I’ve been using Clickyfor several years. It even tracks visitors by comment username, removing most of the guesswork. If they visit from the same device but a different IP address? You’ll still know it’s them.

    1. Thanks! I signed up for Clicky a long time ago, but somehow, never started using it. I’ve put it on tonight. We’ll see. I use both Google Analytics and Woopra right now; addding a third can only help an obsessive-compulsive like me, right?

      1. If you like your obsession personalized and, really, who doesn’t, you’ll enjoy knowing exactly who is on your site once you’ve got everyone ID’d and tagged.

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