You like my blog. A lot.

I get a thrill when someone discovers my blog, when someone loves my blog.

There are various analytic tools I’ve played with over the years. Google Analytics and Woopra are my two favorites. GA is the best for showing me, easily, how many people are coming to my blog and what they’re doing while they’re here.

Woopra is great for showing me when someone loves my blog.

I’ve set Woopra up so that, when someone visits, if they click through more than ten pages, I get an e-mail. It tells me what their first page was, and where they are in the world. The “where they are” part isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s off by a few miles. Sometimes, by a country or two. Always, always, I hope my new reader will contact me, will tell me their reaction to my writing. Maybe, maybe, will get off for me.

Right now, for instance, I have a visitor in “Hendon,” in the UK. The location might be right, or it might be wrong. What I do know, though – and, I’ve written before, I know some of this can feel creepy, but just keep in mind I only know a fraction of what sophisticated web sites know about you – is that this person has visited my site 25 times since their first visit, on July 14. I can see that they’ve spent about four hours, so far, reading my writing. I know that, today, an hour ago, they visited for an hour or more, and clicked through to about 35 pages (I can see each one). I can see that they’re using Chrome. And that they’re on Windows.

I can’t see, though, what this new, energetic reader looks like. Can’t tell if they’re male or female. Can’t see what they’re wearing. Or if they’re getting myself off to my writing.

My hunch is, this person is getting herself (?) off reading my writing, just judging by the posts she’s reading….

My only questions are… why hasn’t she said hi? Why hasn’t she contacted me? Why hasn’t she sent me an orgasm? Why hasn’t she thanked me?

She really should.

And so should you.

Stoya gets off while she reads my writing. Do you? 😉

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