Creep shot

Brown, strappy, heeled sandals. Tight, tight black jeans. Long legs. Flared hips, a round, meaty ass. A tight v-neck t-shirt, stretched across B-cup breasts, covered by a lacy black scarf, draped over them, obscuring her cleavage. A blue denim jacket.

Sandy blonde hair, very wavy, down to the middle of her back. Bright brown eyes, with long, mascara-ed eyelashes (mascara is the extent of her makeup). Clear skin and a long, angular, pretty face, with big, full lips.

Constantly chewing gum, no eye contact to be had, over the course of twenty minutes separated by three feet.

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  1. I know some of your readers have been openly honest about their dislike of your “creepshots”. Honestly, and I know you see me as the overly agreeable reader…lol….so I won’t disappoint. I enjoy hearing what turns a man’s head/eye, makes him stare, what he’s looking at, or thinking. So hearing it from the man’s perspective is enlightening and refreshing(jesus, I sound like a drink advert).

    I think, well I can guess, it’s the term “creepshot” that might rub your female readers the wrong way. The word, creepy is, well….creepy. I’m not suggesting you change the name, just an observation from one of your loyal readers(who probably has visited WAY more than 50 times).

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