More, on cheating – and judgment

The hottest girl in the world (THGITW), other than my wife, had her own reply to my post the other day, about cheating and judgment, and to the responses in the comments, but since she is the hottest girl in the world (other than my wife), I thought I’d let her speak her mind in the body of this blog. Also, I think she’s right, and more eloquent – and efficient with words – than I.

Firstly, I’ll just say one thing I feel very strongly about cheating is NOT like hitting your partner. How do I know this? I have both been cheated on and hit. Nothing about the two things are the same, in any way. Physically abusing your partner is against the law. It’s not a grey area. I think it’s dangerous to compare the two.

Secondly, I completely understand why you don’t want to ‘cheer someone on’ or in fact be friends with someone who cheats and brags about it. But to sweepingly generalise that all cheating is wrong? I can’t quite get my head round that.

Take an arranged marriage, for instance. You think it’s as simple as ‘work on your relationship’ or ‘just tell your partner’ or ‘leave’? I don’t. I think there are complexities within that circumstance that nobody apart from that husband and wife could understand.

Or, a man who has no interest in sex. A wife who does. He doesn’t want to talk about it. They have kids. She makes the decision that SHE thinks will do the least damage.

Would you, or, I make the same decision? Maybe not. Does that make us better? More moral? No. It makes us different.

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