She spreads her legs…

There’s something about the image of a woman spreading her legs – clothed – for me that is about the most arousing thing I can imagine.

This afternoon, I had some writing (not blog-related) to do. I got a fair amount done, but in my procrastinatory interludes, I discovered a new feature of one of my favorite porn sites, “OnlyAllSites,” a collection of thematically organized sites – OnlyTease, OnlySilkandSatin, OnlySecretaries, and OnlyOpaques. It turns out, the sites allow for the creation of what they call, “Custom Sets,” galleries of photos selected by me from among the thousands and thousands of photos they have. And I discovered a new, really (for me) gratifying activity: creating a small gallery that includes a variety of pictures of a woman, beginning with her clothed, and ultimately including her legs, quite spread for me.


These photos are from “OnlySecretaries,” and they’re about the hottest thing I can imagine. Well, that’s not necessarily true, but in a universe in which there are several “hottest things I can imagine,” and they’re all parallel to one another, this is one of those things. The only thing that would make them hotter is if they were produced for me, at my bidding.

I love how she makes her pussy available, but how, even when it’s available, it’s not, it’s covered. This is so much hotter to me than a spread shot, a picture of a pussy exposed, or a picture of a woman with her legs clamped shut.

Is it because I can so easily imagine my hand, my mouth, my cock, pressing against her? I don’t think so. There’s something deeper going on, something more… profound. Somehow, I want to be protected from the pussy itself. I perceive it as an object of enormous desire, but I’m scared – either of what it can do to me or of what I might do to it – I’m not sure which.

I have a distant buddy, a woman who’s insanely hot, but who, God help her, just can’t spread her legs for the life of her. It drives me crazy (and not in a good way). I ask and ask and ask – and while she sends me super-hot pictures – of her insane, hot, body – her aesthetic around her pussy is the opposite of mine. She sends me pictures of her bare, smooth, shaven pussy, and invites me to plunder it. She seems to be leaving me, and honestly, that’s ok – if she had given me what I wanted on this one subject, I’d find her departure so much harder to contemplate.

I want the opposite of what she wants to give: I want to see her legs spread, in jeans, in a skirt, showing me her panties, showing the pussy behind fabric. I know her pussy’s hot. But I want it presented a certain way. That’s just how I roll.


And one more, just for good measure….


You really should go to their web sites. They’re super hot.


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