It’s Thanksgiving, here in the US, and I’m genuinely thankful for much:

1. Above all, family: nuclear AND extended. We all are crazy, but I truly love my family.

2. Friends: I’m lucky to have tremendous, awesome friends, both in real life and as a result of my online existence, and at least a couple who span both.

These first two make life worth living for me, and a friend who lacks both, poignantly, reminds me of this daily.

3. Blowjobs. Yup. I’m pretty sure this is #3 for me. Maybe I should broaden my horizon, though, and include cunnilingus, just lump the two together into the killer category of “oral sex.”

4. Women’s clothing: your bodies would do nothing for me without the fabric they touch, that obscures them, that reveals them. Yoga pants, leggings, jeans, sun dresses, miniskirts, thigh-highs, bras, boy shorts, pencil skirts, you name it.

5. Words: I love ’em. They never are perfect but their imperfection is one of my greatest joys in life, the challenge of communicating using words, the rapture of successful communication, these pleasures are phenomenal.

6. Authenticity: in experience, in relationships. I’d much rather know what you feel than what you’d like me to know.

7. Laughter. Steve Martin, Monty Python, spontaneous giggles, elaborate set-ups – I love it all.

8. You. Seriously, I love people. I love riding the subway and confronting both my uniqueness and my insignificance in the face of the steady steam of humanity. I love getting to know new people, people who think they’re vitally important, people who imagine they’re not; people who are similar to me, people who aren’t. The joy of discovery of humans – interpersonally, intellectually, sexually, is, to me, rapturous.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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