Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans, and anyone who likes, you know, to be thankful.

I like to, and today, I am.

For my family – I’m just about the luckiest guy in the world in this way. You have some slight glimpses into that from this blog, but seriously. My family – nuclear and extended – rules. In all the conflicted, conflictual ways in which families can rule. But still. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’re at the “sweet spot” in terms of multi-generational existence – with one exception (a premature death), we have three solid generations of living, healthy, happy people in our family. This sweet spot is delicious, and precious, and fragile: it could end any day. I’m grateful for every additional day we’re in it.

For my good (material, political) fortune in life – I’m one of the relatively small number of people in the world who never has had to worry where my next meal would come from, whether there would be a roof over my head, whether I would be cool in summer, warm in winter, or whether my beliefs or opinions might result in my physical suffering or the suffering of those I love. I try hard not to forget how unusual this makes me.

For my self-acceptance – I spent the vast majority of my life, to date, at war with myself, loathing aspects of myself, fighting my desires, denying them, judging them. I’m not the best person in the world, and I’m not the worst. I’m me, and, for the most part, I like me. This is the best way to be. For me. (And a note: this blog, you people who read it, fall squarely in this paragraph as something for which I’m immensely grateful. I’ve used the blog to help bolster and build my self-acceptance, and I’m grateful for your help with that.)

All in all, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving. And wherever you live, I’m hoping you have lots to be thankful for.


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