The sound of an orgasm

Remember Mara? The Israeli chick who came with Jen and me to Le Trapeze?

Well, she and I had a hot night together (also with Jen, at least for part of it), that I haven’t been able to post about because (ahem) I’m waiting for Mara’s and Jen’s approval/edits. Still.

But this isn’t that. This is something different.

Mara went home, to Israel, in time to be there for the current war. Which sucks. But which didn’t stop her, last night, from masturbating for me and sending me her orgasm.

Our deal, which she’s now violated, was that she wasn’t allowed to cum until she had sent me her approval/edits. So she has cum, but at least she sent it to me. And it’s super hot. You can hear the tremendous buildup of pressure, the intensity of feeling – it almost sounds as if she’s about to cry throughout. But she doesn’t – instead, she cums. Hard.

I asked her if I could post it here, and her reply was, “you can blog it, burn it into a CD, mix it in a music set. its all yours :P”

Enjoy. You know I did.

Mara’s first orgasm (for me)

(And, if you want to read about our night with Jen, pester both of them in the comments….)


Incidentally, and coincidentally, after a couple of months of no new orgasms for this blog, I got another orgasm in my e-mail last night, from a new – insanely hot, insanely sexy – “distant buddy” of mine. Totally fucking hot. But I haven’t asked her if I can share it with you, and she hasn’t volunteered.

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