Two requests

1. I’m having a little bit of writer’s block lately. This is partially just because I’ve been really busy, and distracted by real life events, but it’s partially out of fatigue. I’d love it if you would, in the comments to this post, either make specific writing requests (things you’d like to read about) or tell me what in the blog you’ve found most engaging/interesting. When I’m bubbling over with ideas, I don’t much care whether or not those ideas are what you most enjoy reading, but when I’m less inspired? Well, I might as well take some direction, no?

2. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an orgasm. Or not that long, actually – Jen gave me one about a month ago. But still, I want more, and not just more, more from new sources. (Those of you who’ve given them to me before, of course, I always want more from you, too!) I really love hearing readers make themselves cum, and I’d love to hear you. Especially if it’s just for me, if you’re inspired by something here. So if you’ve thought about doing it but have been sitting on the fence, well, consider this a formal request.


  1. I always like hearing excerpts from your story, as well as your ideas about what your fantasies mean and your spiritual journey. I find most of your posts very interesting – but I have found those the most compelling overall.

  2. “So if you’ve thought about doing it but have been sitting on the fence…

    I’ve been sitting on faces, but no fences. (Damn, so close!) 😉

    Cheers to inspiration… and a wrecking ball for writer’s block. 🙂

  3. Yum, thanks!

    In part 2 of “Oral at a Sex Party,” I lost control and came while Jen was riding me. I’ll try to think of another example, and maybe tackle the subject explicitly more. Thanks door the idea! (And the orgasms!)

  4. One other thought: those are some hot orgasms – everyone should go listen. But somehow, what’s hot to me isn’t orgasms that you recorded for someone else, or for yourself, at some other time. What I crave are orgasms recorded with me in mind. That’s just how my little power-hungry brain gets off.

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